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These are my family members and heroes that served our country and helped keep it safe! Upper Left: Richard Carr Bowman, Civil War - CSA - Co. D, 60th Tn. Infantry - 2nd G-Grandfather Lower Left: Russell Lawrence Ingle, Jr. - WWII - USCG - Dad Center: Clyde Alward Bancroft - WWI - US Army - Grand Uncle Upper Right: George Orvis Langendorfer - WWI - Army - 322nd Field Signal Batt. - Husband's Grandfather Lower Right: Robert Henry Langendorfer - WWII - USN Air Corp - Husband's Father Please Remember and Thank ALL of our Military Personal and their families!!

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Mary Elizabeth White Bowman ~ Confederate Widow's Pension File

Mary (Mollie)  Elizabeth White Bowman b. 29 Jan 1849 d. 17 May 1930

Mary was the wife of Richard Carr Bowman, they were married on 14 Jan 1866 in Washington County, TN.
Their children were:

1.  William White Bowman b. 3 Sep 1867 d. 20 Jun 1933
2. Lafayette Washington Bowman b. 8 Jul 1872 d. 18 Aug 1950 (my great-grandfather)

Below is a link to the Picasa photo album where you can view her Widow's  Pension file:

Mary E. Bowman's Widows Pension File


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Richard Carr Bowman - Confederate Pension Application

Richard Carr Bowman - b. 23 Nov 1837 d. 20 Aug 1914

Richard was a member of Company D 60th Tennessee Regiment.  He enlisted 1862 Crawford's Regiment and Pritchett's Company D.  He was captured at Vicksburg, Ms. on May 17th, 1863 and spent the next 21 months in prisoner of war camps.  He was first sent to Camp Morton, Indiana; next to Fort Delaware, Delaware and finally to Point Lookout, Maryland where he was paroled or exchanged in February 1865.

Below is a link to the Picasa photo album where you can view his pension application:

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Conflicting Evidence or "Who's Your Daddy"!

Conflicting Evidence

Searching for the father of Nathan Thomas Ingle b. bef.  1800 d. b. 1830 - probably in the Jefferson Co., Ky area.  Nathan was married to Nancy Hancock on 29 Mar 1821 in Jefferson Co., KY.  I have never been able to find him enumerated in a Census, which leads me to believe that he was not the H of H in the 1820 census and was deceased prior to the 1830 census.  One brother/cousin was married to a Booker female in 1819 in Jefferson Co., Ky;  sister/cousin married a Hancock male in 1820 in Jefferson Co., Ky.  Her marriage record show her father, William Ingle, as giving consent for this marriage.  Three of his brothers/cousins were married to Chastain sisters between 1824 & 1830 in Henry Co., Ky .
Who's your Daddy!
There seems to be two different possibilities for Nathan's  father, each with their own evidence.  I will start with:
1.)  Henry George Ingle b. Aug 1761 in Va. d. aft. 1840 census in Russell Co., Va.
I have never found a record for Henry George Ingle farther west than Floyd/Perry Co., KY.

2.)  William Engle/Ingle b. ? d. bef. Sep. 1823 - Below is the Inventory Settlement for William together with a post I put on for a site I had at the time on the Ingle Family:
I am extremely excited about this find.   I believe this is the William Ingle that I have been searching for that was in the 1810 & 1820 Henry County Kentucky census.   
 You will note that Henry Ingle was the Admin. of William Ingle's estate and I believe that this is Henry Payne Ingle.   Although there were only initials for the people that purchased items from the sale of his estate I believe we know who those people are:
 W. Ingle - William Howells Ingle
N. Ingle - Nathan and/or Neeley Ingle
H. Ingle - Henry Payne Ingle
P. Ingle - Mary "Polly" Chastain-Ingle wife of William Howells Ingle
B. Handcock - Benjamin Han(d)cock husband of Winney D. Ingle
 I feel that this Inventory and Settlement goes a long way in substantiating the fact that this William Ingle was the father of the aforementioned Ingle family members rather than Henry George Ingle.   I also believe that there is a familial relationship between Henry George and this William Ingle, perhaps brothers (?)
 Another reason this seems logical, to me, is that ALL of these Ingle's were in the same area, Jefferson, Henry & Oldham Co's., KY, at the same time.   Henry George Ingle doesn't appear to go any farther west than, Floyd, Perry & Letcher Co's.
 I'm really sticking my neck out with this surmise in the hope that I can get you all thinking and brainstorming and hopefully get some constructive feed back.   Please take the time to look at this and give it some thought.
 I would like to acknowledge Patsy McCarty of the Louisville Genealogical Society for so graciously taking her time to go to the Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerks office, digging through the old book and transcribing this for me.   They wouldn't let her make a photo copy of the pages involved, so I have sent a request to them to see if they will send me a copy of the original.          
Jefferson Co, KY Inventory & Settlements, Book 4, June 1815 - Dec 1823
[Inventory of Property]
P. 477 - September County Court 1823, Jefferson County Set. This day Nathan Marders, Jacob Hite and Wm Parker came personally before me, one of the Commonwealth's Justices assigned to keep the peace for the County aforesaid, and made oath that had appraised the estate of William Ingle, decd, to the best of their judgement of all articles shown them by the admr . Given under my hand the 4th day of October 1823. Ben Head JCC
p. 478-479. We the undersigned Commissioners being first sworn agreeable to an order of court which issued from the Clerk's office of Jefferson Co. have this day appraised all the personal estate of William Ingle, decd., given under our hands this 18th Sept 1823. Signed - Jacob Hite, Nathan Marders, Wm L Parker
[Follows a list of items from farm and household; no slaves]
Jefferson Co. Settlement September County Court 1823 Ordered that William Parker, Nathan Marders, Jacob Hite, and William Hite or any three of them being first duly sworn do appraise the slaves if any and personal estate of William Ingle, decd, and make report to Court. A Copy Test Worden Pope, Clerk
p. 480 State of Kentucky At a County Court held for Jefferson County in the State aforesaid at the Court House in Louisville on the 13th day of Oct 1823. The within and foregoing inventory and appraisement of the estate of William Ingle dec'd, was returned to said court and ordered to be recorded and is recorded. Test. Worden Pope, Clerk
p. 508 [Sale of property]
A List of Property belonging to William Ingle, Deceased, this 23rd Sept 1823
[List of buyers, items bought, and amount paid at estate sale]
P. Ingle - 1 Bead Head etc. $4.00
H. Ingle - 1 Axe 2.3
Ditto - 3 old ditto 1.12 ½
L Laurence - 1 How .80
Ditto - 3 old Hows 12 ½
N. Marders - 1 Sett Plow Irons .75
N. Ingle - 1 Log Chain 1.50
L. Laurence - 1 Pair Stretchers 1.80
H. Ingle - 1 Shovel plow Ceavis & Singletree 1.50
W. Taylor - 1 ditto do " " " 1.18 ¾
N. Ingle - 1 Saddle Bags & Reep Hook .6 ¼
L. Laurence - 1 Sett of Gears 1.40
J. Hite - 2 Blind Bridles 1.11 ¼
L. Laurence - 2 old Bridles .77 ½
N. Ingle - 1 Hand Saw 1.62 ½
W. Taylor - 2 Augers Drawing Knife etc. .50
N. Meart - 1 old Bridle .12 ½
H. Ingle - 1 lot old Iron .25
N. Meart - 1 Cooper's Howell & Weadge 1.00
N. Mardace - 10 ½ dou awl blaids .62 ½
L. Laurence - 1 lot shoe tools .75
H. Ingle - 1 Bible and 1 Book 1.37 ½
Ditto - 2 Books Songs .12 ½
Ditto - 1 Pocket Book .37 ½
N. Ingle - 2 Gimblets .25
Wm. Ingle Estate Sale, p. 508, continued
W. Ingle - 1 Raisor Case & Strop .42 ½
[J. or S.] Artaburn [Arterburn - 1 Horse fleams .18 ¾
Amount Brought Over 26.50
W. Ingle - 1 Rife Gun Horn etc. 14.25
P. Ingle - 1 Loom 6.00
Ditto - 1 3 Slays [?Clays] 1.12 ½
N. Ingle - 1 old Saddle 4.00
p. 509
W. Ingle - 1 ditto ditto 2.37 ½
N. Ingle - 1 old keg .12 ½
N. Meare - 1 waggon & Hing gear 70.00
Ditto - 1 Sett hip strops .31
J. Hite - 1 Sythe and Cradle 1.56 ¼
H. Hawley - 1 Bay Horse 133.00
N. Ingle - 1 Gray Stalion Horse 136.00
L. Laurence - 1 Black and White Bull 16.12 ½
R. Wright - 1 White & read Steer 2.25
A. Taylor - 1 Ditto ditto ditto 5.37 ½
W. Williams - 1 Read Heafer 10.00
[J. or I.] Rudy - 1 White & read cow and calf 13.25
R. Wright - 1 Red Cow 7.25
B. Handcock - 1 White & Read Heafer 5.00
H. Ingle - 1 White & Read Yearling 1.25
J. Hite - 4 Sheep 7.00
J. Artabarn - 1 Pitcher & Bucket .50
H. Ingle - The crop of corn as it stands in the field 25.00
N. Marders - 1 wheel 2.00
L. Laurence - 18 Shoats 31.50
H. Ingle - 12 Shoats 12.00
_____ $533.74 ¾
I do certify the above is a true list of sale of property belonging to William Ingle dec'd as given under my hand. Jacob Hite
The foregoing sales were made by me as administrator of William Ingle deceased witness my hand the 8th Dec 1823. Henry Ingle
State of Kentucky - At a County Court held for Jefferson County in the State aforesaid at the Court house in Louisville on the 8th day of Dec 1823 the within and foregoing List of Sales of the estate of William Ingle dec'd was returned to said court and ordered to be recorded and is recorded. Test. Worden Pope Clerk           

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Carrie Jane Snyder - Ingle

b. 20 Jul 1865 in Smith River, Del Norte, CA.
d. 26 Mar 1962 in Grants Pass, Josephine, OR.

Burial was on 28 Mar 1962 in Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery, Grants Pass, Josephine, OR.

Carrie was my great-grandmother and the first wife of Albert Nathan Ingle.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Albert Nathan & Emily Berntson Ingle

Albert Nathan Ingle b. 26 Feb 1868 in Milton-Freewater, Umatilla Co., Or. d. 26 Nov 1943 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Ut.
A. N. (as he was called) was my great-grandfather
Emily Berntson b. 17 Oct 1879 d. 9 Feb 1961
Emily was A. N.'s 2nd wife and they were married 27 Aug 1930 in Ogden, Weber, Ut
In August of 2001 I contacted Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park to inquire about A. N.'s burial site and to ask if there was a marker. I was told that there was no marker and that he was buried in the Cypress Hill section of the cemetery in Lot 171. The only other information that they had was that the owner of the plot was a William Eccless Baird.

You can imagine my surprise & excitement when my cousin Don Ingle & his wife Karen included this photo of A. N. & Emily's headstone in an email to me on Saturday, January 16th!